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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.


The Internet's Greatest Invention Celebrates 25 Years

Inventor Paul Mockapetris Keynotes Commemorative Event Hosted by the Oxford Internet Institute and Afilias, Reflects on Past, Present and Future of Domain Name System

Redwood City, Calif. – January 29, 2008 – Nominum, the leading provider of network naming and addressing technologies, and Afilias, the world's second largest provider of domain name registry services, announced today that Paul Mockapetris, chairman and chief scientist, Nominum, was the keynote speaker at an event hosted by the Oxford Internet Institute and Afilias. The event was held on January 28 at the Royal Society in London to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the invention of the Domain Name System (DNS).

Afilias Joins Anti-Phishing Working Group Steering Committee To Help Combat Online Fraud

Internet domain name registry focuses on enhancing security, protecting against spam, and building anti-phishing practices for Internet domain names

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 28 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, today announced that it has been elected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), the global industry and law enforcement association focused on eliminating identity theft and fraud perpetrated online through phishing, spamming, and crimeware.

Spanish Names Now Available In .INFO

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 21 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, announced today that Internet users can now register .INFO domain names that include the Spanish characters á, é, í, ñ, ó, ú, and ü. The introduction of these new domain names, termed Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs), now enables Spanish-speakers to establish Web sites using words commonly used in Spanish such as película.info, teléfono-móvil.info, Ídolo.info, Piñata.info, and others.

Nombres en español ahora disponibles en .INFO

Afilias, amplía su alcance en la Internet, adicionando idiomas diferentes al inglés facilitando así el registro de nombres de sitios Web con caracteres propios del idioma español.

Afilias Selected To Provide Registry Services For New .ME Domain

.ME to revolutionize social networking and personal domain name industry

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 18 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, today announced that it has been selected to provide registry services supporting the .ME domain, the new country code top-level domain for the republic of Montenegro.

.INFO Award Kicks Off Online Vote

From October 19 to November 24, Internet users can vote for their favorite Web sites in five different categories from a short list at www.info-award.info.

MUNICH - November 2, 2006. Following a pre-selection round during which a jury of four experts from the field of media and communications evaluated several hundred entries, a total of eighteen .INFO-Web sites have made it to the short list.

Afilias Successfully Transitions .BZ Domain

Afilias to provide state-of-the-art technology to improve speed, reliability and security of .BZ domain names


DUBLIN, IRELAND – 1 May 2006 –Afilias Limited announced that it has expanded its existing agreement with University Management Ltd.(UML) to provide a full suite of advanced registry services to support the .BZ Internet domain for the country of Belize. Previously, Afilias provided Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) resolution services for .BZ. Afilias successfully completed the transition of registry services from .BZ's previous provider – VeriSign Global Registry Services (NASDAQ: VRSN) on 26 April 2006.

Afilias Successfully Completes Transition of .aero Registry

.aero registry receives service upgrade to enhance domain

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 21 February 2006 – Afilias Limited today announced that it has successfully completed the transition of registry services for .aero, the top-level domain for the aviation industry. This transition, which was completed on behalf of SITA, the sponsoring organization for .aero, brings significant technical improvements to the .aero domain including faster DNS resolution, enhanced security and disaster recovery procedures, an upgraded distribution interface, and industry standardization.