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Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

New TLDs

NamesCon 2016

Jan 10, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Afilias is a proud sponsor of the upcoming NamesCon event in Las Vegas.

NamesCon is designed to help you meet people from various reaches of the domain name industry so you can grow all aspects of your business, discover new opportunities and make valuable new contacts – whether you are new or experienced in the business.

ShowStoppers @ CES

Jan 06, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Afilias is proud to be exhibiting at the upcoming ShowStoppers event at CES. The event will be held on January 6, 2016 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

Shake hands with more than 1,500 pre-qualified journalists, bloggers, analysts and key industry influencers – to score news coverage, product reviews and executive interviews.

Deal Yourself In: .POKER Names Now Open to All

DUBLIN – April 21, 2015 – Global registry services provider and poker fan Afilias announced today that the new “dot POKER” or .POKER top level domain is now open for public registration on a first-come-first-served basis. For the first time, the card game that has fascinated players and transcended cultures around the world has its own dedicated web space!


May 18, 2015
Lima, Peru

Afilias is a Bronze sponsor of the upcoming LACNIC 23 event in Lima, Peru.  LACNIC 23 is a networking and exchange of experiences and analysis of key aspects for the latest news on Internet in the region and globally.

.VOTE Solves Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz’s Domain Name Problem

Only .VOTE protects candidates and voters from misleading domain name traps

.POKER Domain Landrush Period Begins

Go All-In: Reserve Your Favorite Domain Name Today

.LGBT Public Launch Begins Today

Community leaders tout benefits of this protected and inclusive space


Afilias过往曾多次莅临中国市场。不过,2014年第四季度Afilias在中国市场的表现空前活跃。在本季度,我们的中国和美方团队在中国的多座城市完成了两项激动人心的活动——2014年新通用顶级域名(gTLD)路演和2014 Afilias峰会。我本人亲自参与了这两项活动,有幸与域名行业的许多中国同行分享了有关新顶级域名(TLD)领域的诸多见解和最新进展情况。

Brandma联手举办新通用顶级域(gTLD )路演