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VIDEO: Why TLD Operators Should be Concerned about DDoS Attacks

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Why TLD Operators Should be Concerned about DDoS Attacks

Afilias' Ram Mohan tells TLD operators why they should be concerned about DDoS attacks at the February 2009 APTLD meeting.

Afilias to Provide Technology Powering the .eco new TLD

Big Room, Inc. selects Afilias as registry service provider for its application to ICANN for a new top-level domain

DUBLIN, IRELAND - 22 June 2009- Today Afilias, a leading provider of Internet infrastructure services, announced that is has been selected by Big Room Inc. as the registry services provider for its application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for a new .eco domain during the upcoming new top-level domain (new TLD) application process.

Afilias Joins MAAWG as First Domain Name Registry Member

Membership to enhance .INFO Domain Anti-Abuse Policy and industry cooperation

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 28 April 2009 - Afilias, a global provider of Internet infrastructure services, today announced that it has joined the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) as part of its ongoing domain name anti-abuse efforts. Afilias is the first domain name registry operator to become a member. MAAWG is the premiere global organization focusing on protecting electronic messaging from online exploits and abuse, with the goal of enhancing user trust and confidence.

Afilias Releases update on the .INFO Domain

.INFO's success story offers a blueprint for new TLD launches and growth

DUBLIN, IRELAND - 26 February 2009 - Afilias, a global provider of internet infrastructure services, has released a report highlighting the growth of the .INFO domain and its new developments. With changes expected for the domain industry in coming year as new top-level domains are introduced, .INFO's success story allows for reflection on the building of a strong and stable domain with staying power.

Afilias collaborates with Microsoft and industry leaders to stop Conficker worm

Afilias is participating in a partnership with Microsoft, ICANN, technology industry leaders, and academia to implement a coordinated, global response designed to disable domain names targeted by the Conficker worm.

How do I become accredited as a registrar to sell one of Afilias' TLDs?

Afilias offers a wide range of top-level domains, suitable to the business model of any registrar or reseller network. A key advantage to working with Afilias is that once you are accredited for one TLD, our streamlined process makes it easy to add the other TLD's to which Afilias provides registrar services.

For information on accreditation, please contact, including all country code TLDs.

Click the links below for information on becoming accredited for these specific domains:

Domain Security - Anti-Abuse, Spam and Phishing

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Global Phishing Survey: Domain Name Use and Trends in 1H2008

File 1H2008 APWG Study
Global Phishing Survey released by the Anti-Phishing Work Group (APWG) in 2008 that studied the relationships between phishing attacks and top-level domains.
11/08/08 1:38 pm575.48 KB

The Relationship of Phishing and Domain Tasting - 2006 study

File 2006 APWG Study
This is a report issued in September 2006 and authored by the APWG DNS Policy Working Group%2C with contributions from Afilias.
11/08/08 1:13 pm98.12 KB

.INFO Analysis

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.INFO 2009 Annual Report

File .INFO 2009 Annual Report04/09/10 10:52 am2.71 MB

.INFO Update

File .INFO Update
This report highlights important developments and growth within the .INFO domain.
05/11/09 1:24 pm994.69 KB

.INFO 4 Million Milestone Analysis

File 4 Million Milestone Analysis Report
Afilias has issued a 4 Million Milestone analysis report that details updated insight on the .INFO domain.
11/08/08 7:26 pm263.86 KB
File 4 Millionen .INFO Domains eine Analyse
Afilias veröffentlicht zum Erreichen dieses Meilensteins die Studie „4 Millionen .INFO-Domains – eine Analyse“ in der die wichtigsten Daten seit Bestehen der .INFO-Domain sowie aktuelle Erkenntnisse zusammengefasst sind.
11/08/08 7:26 pm267.47 KB

.INFO 3 year analysis

File .INFO Three Year Analysis
A three year analysis of the successful launch of the .INFO domain.
11/08/08 7:39 pm457.71 KB
File Afilias blickt zurück: 3 Jahre .INFO-Domains
Afilias hat eine Analyse zur Nutzung der .INFO-Domains.
11/08/08 7:41 pm457.79 KB

.INFO: Perspectives on a new TLD launch

File New TLD Domain Launch Perspectives
This white paper address the launch of a new top-level domain based on the experience of launching .INFO. Published in June 2005.
11/08/08 1:15 pm255.64 KB