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Upgrade Your DNS. Afilias provides a 100% uptime guarantee based on the most secure, diverse and reliable DNS infrastructure available.

One Click DNSSEC

DNSSEC is the best approach to secure your DNS infrastructure and protect visitors to your Web site from unknowingly being victimized by bad actors. Current efforts to deploy DNSSEC globally have been slowed by the complexity of implementation.

Afilias solves this problem with its new One Click DNSSECTM service, which allows you to secure your zone with just one click.

What is DNSSEC?
DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) was first introduced in the mid-1990s as an additional security measure to protect the DNS from cache poisoning exploits (aka: the Kaminsky bug) which can allow a bad actor to get in the middle of an Internet users' request to access a Web site without their knowledge. Read more about DNSSEC.

Afilias offers basic DNSSEC protection via its ZoneGuard™ service, which enables registrars to add the additional security of DNSSEC to domains under their sponsorship.
Given the complexities of DNSSEC, Afilias also offers an even easier approach:  “One-Click DNSSEC.”
Afilias' One Click DNSSECTM solution.

One Click DNSSEC SolutionAfilias' One Click DNSSECTM makes it simple and cost-effective to implement DNSSEC, as it requires no new customer hardware or software and it eliminates customer worries about issuing, distributing or maintaining DNSSEC keys.

One Click DNSSECTM is an add-on service to Afilias' Managed DNS product that already provides users with the most diverse, globally available infrastructure to manage traffic to their Web presence. In addition to Afilias' 100% uptime guarantee, One Click DNSSECTM will provide users with:

  • Automatic creation of the public/private keys required for DNSSEC
  • Seamless key management and key rollover
  • Easy coordination with participating ICANN-accredited registrars sponsoring the domains to be signed
  • Distribution of public keys to parent zones, Trust Anchor Repositories and DNSSEC Look-Aside Validation (DLV) registries.

With One Click DNSSECTM you can have the security of DNSSEC and the convenience of effortless management, all rolled into one solution.