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Pet Lovers Unite - New .PET Domain Available to the Public

.PET Public General Availability: February 23, 2016

DUBLIN, IRELAND – February 23, 2016 – Afilias, a leading domain registry operator,today announced public availability for the new “dot PET” or .PET top level domain; .PET is now open for everyone! If you are a pet lover, rescuer, or business that offers services or products for pets, then.PET is the best Internet address for you.

The .PET domain is available at:

In the US alone, the pet industry in 2015 had sales of $61 billion dollars. This includes everything from vet visits to specialized pet-friendly nail polishes. .PET domains instantly convey to pet lovers that a site is all about pets, pet products and/or pet services.  .PET is unrestricted, so it’s easy to get, easy to remember and ideal for marketing pet related items. Pet industry companies, veterinarians, breeders, animal rescues, pet owners, pet-owner focused markets like pet daycares and resorts will all benefit from the .PET TLD. 

“When it comes to rescues, shelters, clubs, associations and pet lovers of all kinds, .PET is the perfect choice of internet address” said Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias. “.PET is designed to help pet lovers more easily find pet-related products and services on the Internet. It even works for sites dedicated to the pet itself (e.g.!