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Afilias Supports the CrypTech Project - The Most Ambitious Hardware Encryption Effort Ever to Protect User Privacy

Project calls for financial contribution from the industry

DUBLIN – March 26, 2015 – Global domain registry operator and Internet technology innovator Afilias has pledged funding support to the CrypTech Project. CrypTech is an industry effort to address the increasingly challenging Internet security environment, especially as it affects cryptographic algorithms in hardware. The CrypTech team of experts is working to develop an open hardware cryptographic engine design that will enable the highest levels of Internet security while being useable by the broad Internet community.

Afilias, a recognized leader in Internet security services including DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), fully supports the Project’s mission. Ram Mohan, Afilias’ Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, a member of the CrypTech Project’s steering committee, said:

“The CrypTech project is among the most ambitious and collaborative efforts to date in improving hardware cryptography and broadening its application, impacting the entire Internet community. Because the CrypTech Project is an open engine, anyone can contribute to its development using public hardware specifications and open-source firmware, and eventually anyone can operate it for free. This important initiative deserves strong funding and support to help build a more secure Internet.”

The CrypTech Project is hosted by the Swedish University Network (SUNET) in collaboration with NORDUnet A/S, and is working with the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and public sector cryptographers for algorithmic advice and review. The Project is supported by donations, which may be made directly to NORDUnet.

“For the Internet to remain a global innovation platform, security and openness are two critical success factors and CrypTech enables both,” said Desiree Miloshevic, Senior Public Policy and International Affairs Adviser of Afilias. “Afilias is proud to be one of the financial contributors to the Project and to play a part in building a more secure and open Internet.”

In its role as a trusted independent source of Internet related information and a leading advocate for an open, accessible Internet for all, the Internet Society commended the initiative. Olaf Kolkman, Chief Internet Technology Officer of the Internet Society commented: “The CrypTech blueprint enables low cost, trusted, well designed encryption hardware for the masses. We are happy to support this collaborative initiative, and encourage other organizations to help fund this important development work to improve Internet privacy.”

“There are many parts to making the Internet safe, secure, and private for our children and grandchildren. Cryptographic hardware we can trust is a critical component,” said Randy Bush, CrypTech Technical Coordinator.

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