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New .ORGANIC top-level domain opens today to serve the organic community

Protected Internet space helps consumers find bona fide organic products and services

Global registry operator Afilias today announced that the fresh new, socially responsible top-level domain .ORGANIC is now open for registration by all bona fide organic producers and others who serve the organic community.

The term “organic”is the gold standard of nutrition and sustainability, with“certified organic”products and services becoming more and more popular. Consumers have learned to trust these products because clear standards are established and certification processes are reliable.  Unlike terms such as“healthy”and “natural,”“organic”products and services must meet specific standards.

Until now, there has been no place on the Internet that protects the organic community and those it serves. The new .ORGANIC top level domain provides a new address that can only be used by companies and organizations that are certified or otherwise meet stringent eligibility requirements. Every applicant for a .ORGANIC name will be verified before being allowed to use a name. With more consumers doing research online every day, now is the time for organic community members to have addresses that shout, “I’m really organic!”

“Afilias is proud to introduce this valuable addition to the top level domain space,”said Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer at Afilias. “Authentic organic organizations can now rise above the dotcom confusion with an Internet address that sets them apart as organic and enables consumers to more easily find them. Every organic product and service should have one.”

To get your own .ORGANIC domain, please register at any .ORGANIC authorized registrar

Who is eligible for a .ORGANIC site?

Web addresses using .ORGANIC are only available to verifiably organic farmers, producers, manufacturers, co-packers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and official organic certifiers. Eligibility also extends to other organic-oriented entities such as restaurants and trade organizations that may not be certified but can meet special .ORGANIC criteria tailored to their role in the community. The complete eligibility requirements are available on the .ORGANIC website.

For more information about .ORGANIC, visit You can also follow .ORGANIC on social media, including:

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