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Afilias urges businesses to make decision on dot Brand domains

U.S. government hearings discuss implications of new TLDs

Afilias, the domain name registry operations company behind .info, .mobi and 14 other Top Level Domains (TLDs), is urging brands to ensure they fully understand what the new “dot Brand” Web extensions mean for their business. dot Brands are unique TLDs that are tied to a single business. Think “drink.pepsi” instead of “”

Despite hearings on December 8, 2011, by the U.S. Senate and December 14, 2011, by the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee into TLD expansion plans by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the dot Brand window remains scheduled to open as planned on January 12, 2012. That means businesses have less than 30 days before the window opens, and then closes 92 days later. Afilias advises that years will likely pass before a similar opportunity is again available for brands.

To help businesses better understand ICANN’s rigorous application process and also the benefits dot Brand offers, Afilias has developed an animation to explain dot Brand application costs and eligibility requirements. The animation also gives an overview of the questions applicants need to answer in order to make a successful TLD submission. The animation also advises companies to work with an established registry services provider, which will enable them to respond to the 22 technical questions (out of 50) in the new gTLD application. The technical questions are critical, as ICANN must be convinced that the extension will be properly managed from a technical standpoint without jeopardizing the security and stability of the Internet.

Roland LaPlante, CMO, Afilias, said “While the U.S. government hearings were important, businesses should still prepare now to apply for their dot Brand extension. This will give them sufficient time to create a successful application in the limited time they have before the application window opens. Having the right support in place is critical because companies must meet the technical requirements outlined by ICANN to have their dot Brand applications approved.”

Afilias has a wealth of experience supporting successful TLD applications; the animation is the latest tool developed within its dot Brand education program. Details on dot Brand and how Afilias can help support businesses interested in making an application can be found free online at