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dotDK ready to give the Danish internet community a voice in .DK

Copenhagen, Denmark – July 1, 2008 – The IT and Telecom Agency of Denmark has appointed dotDK as the association to handle the Danish internet domain registry in the future. This gives the dotDK Society the opportunity to realize its vision of enhancing the Danish top level domain for the benefit of the Danish community. dotDK will deliver a more secure, available and technologically advanced setup, but especially highlights that the entire Danish internet community in the future will have significantly more influence and a stronger voice.

The dotDK Society today announces its appointment by the IT and Telecom Agency of Denmark to handle the administration of the .dk top level domain.

"We are truly proud of the appointment and eagerly anticipate the task of migrating the system and assuming administration of the .dk registry. Our bid clearly emphasized the critical needs for Denmark which include a more secure, efficient and dependable system with enhanced input from the Danish internet community. The dotDK Society will be a Danish association with representation from the entire Danish internet community and administration located in Denmark, and we invite everyone who wishes to participate to join the dotDK Society," says Mads Thimmer, who also makes it clear that the wholesale price of 45 DKK a year will not be changed.

The Danish internet community will have a more direct influence due to the new organizational structure proposed by dotDK with a governing body made up of representatives from the entire Danish internet community including users, registrars, professionals, etc. The future also holds greater transparency in operations and public access to hearings, which will enable the Danish internet community and users to make their opinion heard and contribute with input on important processes and administrative aspects.

The next steps

The dotDK Society will establish itself as an official association and seek feedback and support from the Danish internet community. Upon providing evidence of this support to the IT and Telecom Agency, dotDK will complete its contract negotiations and put forth a migration plan for the registry. The original timetable released from the IT and Telecom Agency estimates that the registry transition is expected to occur by February 2009.

dotDK expects that the more efficient technology will liberate funds to increase the support of the Danish internet community. There is already now a couple of initiatives being formed that will fund innovative projects and ideas and we will in the coming months continue to form and realize these initiatives.

Basic building blocks in dotDK's bid and the future include its vision for increased community support and a world class registry system provided by Afilias Global Registry Services. These items include:

Improved Transparency

  • New governance structure that puts Danish Internet community in charge
  • ALL Community voices will be sought and heard
  • Extensive public reporting on registry activities and performance

World class Availability

  • Guaranteed 100% DNS availability is the best in the world-sites always work!
  • Fast, automated transactions in a world standard EPP-based registry
  • 24x7x365 service
  • Redundant systems

Greater Efficiency

  • Unchanged registrar wholesale prices at 45 DKK a year
  • Efficient use of funds for the community instead of inefficient and expensive manual processes
  • Efficiencies will enable us to remove the DIFO nameserver activation fee (DKK500), registrar accreditation fee (DKK2400/yr) and registrar minimum deposit (DKK5000)

Strengthened Security

  • Better protection of Denmark against online-crime and attacks
  • Links to world security experts will strengthen Denmark's defences
  • Battle-hardened infrastructure will better repel attacks

About the founders

Dr. Kim V. Andersen is a Professor at Copenhagen Business School and Head of the Informatics Ph.D. School at CBS. His research is focused on e-government and IT-policies. He is a member of the research based network sundITnet and several European research projects. Kim has a Ph.D. from University of Copenhagen.

Nikolaj Nyholm is the CEO of Polar Rose, a visual search engine. He has over the last decade promoted and supported innovative projects within internet infrastructure. Nikolaj is a co-organizer of Reboot and has sponsored the start-up of several open source projects, including PowerDNS, one of the most popular DNS name servers globally.

Tor Bloch was previously Director with Merck and CO. Tor has an extensive international experience in supercomputer development and is member of a wide selection of committees and boards, including at NATO and the EU Commission. He is M.Sc. in Mathematics from University of Copenhagen.

Mads Thimmer is the CEO of Innovation Lab in Ã…rhus that translate new technology to primarily international companies and organizations. He is member of a number of think tanks and is a contributor to Berkshire Publishing's Encyclopaedia of the Future. He is educated at Ã…rhus University and University of Cambridge.

About dotDK

The dotDK Society is a not-for-profit Danish organization that will be formed should the National IT and Telecom Agency select dotDK's proposal to operate the .dk domain. If selected, dotDK will bring world-class technology, increased security, increased input mechanisms for the Danish Internet community, and increased global involvement. For additional information on dotDK or to voice your support please visit