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Afilias Joins Anti-Phishing Working Group Steering Committee To Help Combat Online Fraud

Internet domain name registry focuses on enhancing security, protecting against spam, and building anti-phishing practices for Internet domain names

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 28 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, today announced that it has been elected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), the global industry and law enforcement association focused on eliminating identity theft and fraud perpetrated online through phishing, spamming, and crimeware.

"Afilias provides critical Internet infrastructure, and is committed to enhancing the security of the Internet domains we support," said Greg Aaron, Director of Domain Security for Afilias and APWG Steering Committee member. "We are pursuing an aggressive strategy to protect Internet users. In conjunction with the APWG, domain name registrars, and responsible members of the Internet community, Afilias is deploying advanced registry systems and procedures to proactively combat phishing, spam, and malware. We look forward to contributing operational intelligence and expertise to cybercrime fighters worldwide."

"Afilias has had a meaningful impact in the work of the APWG in combating online fraud, phishing, scams and identity theft," said David Jevans, chairman, Anti-Phishing Working Group. "We look forward to tapping into Afilias' ability to perform deep analysis into the abuse of domain names and applaud their collaborative, pro-active, open standards approach to fighting cybercrime."

Afilias is a Premium Member of the APWG. The company's executives work closely with the APWG's DNS Policy Working Group (DNSPWG), contributing data analysis, policy development research, and global coordination of initiatives aimed at thwarting online fraud and identity theft. "Afilias' savvy in registry management policies as well as operational logistics has been an important source of insight for a number of the research initiatives at the DNSPWG," said APWG Secretary General Peter Cassidy.

About the APWG

About the APWG: The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is an industry association focused on eliminating the identity theft and fraud that result from the growing problem of phishing, email spoofing and crimeware. Membership is open to qualified financial institutions, online retailers, ISPs, the law enforcement community and solutions providers. There are more than 1,700 companies and government agencies participating in the APWG and more than 3,000 members. The APWG's Web site ( offers the public and industry information about phishing and email fraud, including identification and promotion of pragmatic technical solutions that provide immediate protection.

About Afilias

Afilias provides global registry services that leverage proven technology to deliver fast, reliable and secure service. Afilias' technology supports a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registries such as .INFO, .ORG, .AERO, .MOBI, .ASIA, and many country code domains such as .IN (India). Afilias also provides services in the RFID market with its Afilias Discovery Service, which enables real-time lookup of event histories across RFID networks. Afilias maintains international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, sales offices in London, England, sales and operational facilities in Toronto, administrative offices in the U.S. near Philadelphia, PA, and operational offices in New Delhi, India.