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Afilias Selected To Provide Registry Services For New .ME Domain

.ME to revolutionize social networking and personal domain name industry

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 18 January 2008 – Afilias, a global provider of registry services, today announced that it has been selected to provide registry services supporting the .ME domain, the new country code top-level domain for the republic of Montenegro.

In 2007, Afilias joined with strategic partners and ME-Net (a Montenegrin organization) to submit a proposal through a competitive bidding process to the government of Montenegro for the contract.

Afilias and its partners are pleased to have been selected to help launch .ME, which has meaning in many languages, said Philipp Grabensee, chairman of Afilias Board of Directors. Afilias will provide .ME with a world class technical infrastructure built on a secure, reliable and proven system that includes registry services and an advanced DNS capability. In addition, Afilias will provide .ME with immediate global availability through a wide distribution channel, enabling it to realize its full potential in the growing social networking and Web 2.0 industry.

In support of its proposal, Afilias, and ME-Net have created a new organization called doMEn (the word for domain in Montenegrin) which will act as the administrative body with strategic oversight for the domain. Afilias will provide registry technology similar to what it uses today to support other domains such as .INFO and .ORG. Afilias will also make .ME available to its customer base of leading registrars.

The launch is expected later this year, pending the outcome of contract negotiations with the Government of Montenegro. doMEn will coordinate closely with the Government appointed .ME Technical Administrator (Centar Informacionih Sistema Univerziteta Crne Gore, or CIS) in all aspects of domain management for .ME.

About Afilias Partners

The Go Daddy Group, Inc., which includes, is the world's largest registrar with more than 26 million domain names under management and a network of more than 28,000 resellers world-wide. Go Daddy provides services and support for Google, Dell and others. It is also the world's largest hosting provider in terms of host names with 5 million customers in more than 100 countries, and its servers have 171 million visits on a monthly basis. They offer a wide spectrum of services such as: web hosting, email hosting, ftp hosting, blogging hosting, podcasts hosting, eCommerce, secure certificates and search engine optimazation.

ME-Net is an organization whose founders helped set up the first and leading Internet service provider in Montenegro. Their experience will help ensure the success of .ME.

About Afilias

Afilias provides global registry services that leverage proven technology to deliver fast, reliable and secure service. Afilias technology supports a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registries such as .INFO, .ORG, .aero, .mobi, .asia, and many country code domains. Afilias also provides services in the RFID market with its Afilias Discovery Service, which enables real-time lookup of event histories across RFID networks. Afilias maintains international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, sales offices in London, England, sales and operational facilities in Toronto, administrative offices in the U.S. near Philadelphia, PA, and operational offices in New Delhi, India.