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More than Two Lakh Names Registered with 'in' Domain

.INNEW DELHI , INDIA – 5 November 2006 –National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) and Afilias India Private Limited announced that the ‘.in’ domain has reached 2,00,0001 registrations, nearly doubling its presence in the market place since last year. The .IN registry has grown to nearly 30 times the initial size of approximately 6500 domains prior to the January 2005 re-launch. The re-launch included a more competitive price, expanded eligibility, a state of the art technology platform, and broader distribution through the global registrar network.

While India rated 63 per cent in the usage of ‘.in’ domain name 37 per cent were registered outside Indian soil. Over 150 countries are represented by ‘.in’ domain owners. The most popular countries are India, US, and Germany, which together account for over 81 percent of registrations, followed by the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland and Italy.

Expressing his happiness over the significant increase, Shri Dayanidhi Maran, Minister of Communications & Information Technology said, “This is an important milestone in the 10 Point Agenda for India I introduced in 2004, as ‘.in’ is now firmly established as a leading country code domain and reflects India’s leadership in technology and the Internet”. Shri Maran further said that the Government would shortly introduce the registration of ‘.in’ domains in native Indian languages, beginning with Tamil and Malayalam Since ‘.in’ is unrestricted, organizations and individuals across India can now reach their audience with an Internet address that proudly proclaims their Indian affinity. NIXI has brought a greater market focus to ‘.in’ and has helped to proliferate the Internet in India. All Indians on the Internet should get their ‘.in’ now while great names are still available.

“We are proud to support .IN” said Ram Mohan, Director of Afilias India, who provides technical support to the .IN domain. As regards Afilias, it is a fully integrated global provider of domain name registry services, maintains international headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, sales offices in London, England, sales and operational facilities in Toronto, administrative offices in the U.S. near Philadelphia, PA, and operational offices in New Delhi, India. Afilias provides a full range of registry services leveraging proven technology that is fast, reliable and secure.

It may be recalled that the Department of Information Technology (DIT) and National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) took the initiative of setting up of the state-of-the art, hardware and software and re-launched the ‘.in’ Registry. The entire process of registration is available online. The opening of the ‘.in’ Registry has significantly improved and broadened the availability of the domain names.

Internet Domain Names worldwide have assumed greater significance in recent times with the Internet increasingly being used as an effective medium for communication, governance, education and commerce. The system of registration of Internet Domain Names can facilitate the proliferation of Internet in a country. Many countries have, therefore, adopted liberal and market friendly policies to register large number of Domain Names under their country code, broadly consistent with globally accepted policy and procedures of Domain registration.

1 Note in US measurement, 2 lakh equals 200,000

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