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.IN Domain Reaches 100,000 Registrations in 90 Days

New Delhi, 6 April 2005 - The .IN country code internet domain Registry services set up by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announced today that the .IN domain has surpassed 100,000 registrations in just over 90 days since it was officially re-launched.

Shri Brijesh Kumar, Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology and Chairman of NIXI,expressed his satisfaction at the progress made by .IN Registry in a short period of time. He said that NIXI's achievement is laudable and sets standard for many other's to follow in terms of enabling the best of the breed technology to deliver a truly world class service.

"The revitalization of the .IN domain has proved to be a tremendous success," said Mr. Amitabh Singhal, CEO of NIXI. "Since re-launching the domain in January of 2005, registrations have increased by a factor of ten, enabling many Indian organizations, businesses, and Internet users around the world to establish their unique online presence."

.IN's re-launch began in January with the opening of a 21-day Sunrise period for trademark owners. More than 2,000 names were registered during this period, or approximately 4% of total registrations. . IN was officially opened to the public on 16 February 2005. More than 45,000 registrations, or 52% of total names registered to date, were registered during the initial 24-hour period of this land rush. Subsequently, the name has grown to over 100,000 names as of 06 April 2005.

.IN names are held by registrants from 108 different countries, the most popular of which are India, Germany, and the United States, which together account for over 80% of registrations. The top ten countries are:

  • INDIA 62%
  • GERMANY 11%
  • CHINA 1%
  • CANADA 1%

. IN is positioned as the official space for all things uniquely Indian on the Internet. As virtual India, the .IN domain is the best place to have a Web site or e-mail address if you want to say you are from India or want to reach the Indian market in an authentic manner. With the new pricing and policies, .IN names are easy to obtain and affordable, and they are supported by world-class technology that delivers fast, reliable, and secure service that is second to none.

"We are pleased to see interest in the .IN domain from many areas of the world and believe this bodes well for future growth and success. This is also an encouraging sign that many Internet users outside of India have an interest in expressing their Indian nationality or connection via their Internet address," said Singhal.

More than 25 registrars now offer .IN domains worldwide to their customers. A full list is available at

About .IN Registry

.IN Registry has been created by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI). Promoted by the Department of Information Technology (DIT) in association with The Internet Service Providers Association of India (DIT), NIXI is a Not-for-Profit Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956, with the objective of facilitating improved Internet services in the country.

The technical and business activities of the .IN Registry will operate from New Delhi, India. NIXI is managed and operated on a Neutral basis, in line with the best practices for such initiatives globally and is a Not-for-Profit operation. NIXI has ambitious plans to provide impetus to .IN domain registrations in the country.

Under NIXI, the .IN Registry functions as an autonomous body with primary responsibility for maintaining the .IN ccTLD and ensuring its operational stability, reliability, and security. It will implement the various elements of the new policy set out by the Government of India and its Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Information Technology.

The Government decided to revamp the administration of the .IN registry in late 2004. .IN Registry has assumed responsibility for the registry from the previous registry authority, The National Centre for Software Technology and its Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). This change was announced via an executive order through a gazette notification issued by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India, according a legal status to the .IN Registry. .IN Registry does not carry out registrations itself. Instead, it accredits registrars through an open process of selection on the basis of transparent eligibility criteria.

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