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Afilias Announces Over 200,000 Live .INFO Web Sites

.INFO gains momentum in becoming Internet's leading source for Information

LONDON, ENGLAND - 24 July 2002 - Afilias, a global provider of domain name registry services, announced Wednesday that as of the end of May 2002, there were more than 200,000 live, dedicated Web sites in the new .INFO domain. This research indicates a strong growth potential for .INFO in key regions such as Europe, and poises .INFO to become one of the leading top-level domains (TLDs) worldwide.

According to DomainSCANsm research conducted for Afilias by Pegasus Consultants, an independent research and development technology consultancy, more than 200,000 (24%) of registered .INFO domains were live, unique Web sites. In addition, 9% of registrations redirected to another Web site (such as .COM or .NET), and 12% were "parked" (returned a placeholder Web page that was displayed by the registrar). In total, close to 65% of .INFO registrations were "active" in some way.

Status of .INFO Domain Names (as of May 31, 2002)

Dedicated .INFO Sites: 24%
Redirected Sites: 9%
Parked Sites: 12%
Other Active Sites: 20%
Inactive Sites: 35%
Total: 100%

"Afilias' fast, reliable and secure registry technology combined with its effective marketing have earned the confidence of registrants and built a solid foundation for realizing the long-term business potential for this promising new Internet domain," said Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias. "The true measure of success for a new TLD is in expanding the name space in a meaningful way. These new, live .INFO sites are a clear indication of meaning, and with less than one year of business, .INFO has already demonstrated its sustainable value in the worldwide Internet market."

As of May 31, 2002, the leading markets for .INFO domain sales were Europe (52%) and North America (40%). Interestingly, close to 32% of all European .INFO registrations are now live, dedicated sites. Of the worldwide total of live .INFO sites, Europe accounts for 69%. This compares to North America, where 14% of all registrations are live sites, accounting for 23% of the total of live sites worldwide.

Worldwide Regional Breakdown of .INFO Registrations
(July 2001 - May 2002)

Region / % of Total .INFO Registrations / % of Registrations that are live sites
Europe: 52% / 32%
North America: 40% / 14%
Asia Pacific: 7% / 20%
Africa: .8% / 36%
Latin America: .2% / 17%
Total: 100% / 24%


".INFO has demonstrated clear long-term potential to be a viable alternative to .COM in the worldwide Internet market and has made a popular addition to our broad portfolio of products and services," said Paul Westley, Managing Director of Internetters. "The large number of live sites indicates that .INFO is building a strong base of renewable business that will sustain the domain and stimulate growth in UK registration market."

Recent .INFO registrations are even more likely to be sites-- in May alone 30% of those names registered went live virtually immediately.

".INFO is still at an embryonic stage, but the multilingual nature of the new suffix and strong European user-base continues to fuel momentum," said Jonathan Robinson, Director of Business Development at NetNames. ".INFO's momentum is visible in the growing number of registrations and high percentage of live sites in Europe, and serves to emphasize the attractive nature of a .INFO domain as a product specific or company URL. As you look month to month, more and more UK registrants are coming to .INFO first to establish new sites."

These research results for .INFO bode well for the growth of new domain markets worldwide. While in Europe, Germany is #1 in live sites with 82,445 (44% of the German registrations), the UK was the second largest European market with 17,000 (23% of UK registrations).

".INFO domain is making progress and helping to re-establish overall growth in the domain name industry," said LaPlante. "This type of usage analysis begins to unveil a new measurement - the quality of registrations - and hence helps in assessing the overall value of the domain name marketplace so that the entire industry can adapt to a changing global economy."