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Afilias Announces Plans to Distribute Repossessed .INFO Names

Thousands of intuitive, generic names to be released to the public

NEWTOWN, PA - February 18, 2002 - Afilias announced Monday that it unveiled plans at the ICANN Registrars Constituency Meeting in Dulles, VA this past weekend, for the public redistribution of .INFO domain names that were repossessed through the Sunrise Challenge Process.

"Afilias is pleased that we have recaptured names that were inappropriately registered during the trademark-only Sunrise Period for the launch of .INFO," said Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer for Afilias. "We now expect to return over 10,000 domain names to the public, including many generic terms that will make excellent and intuitive Web site addresses. These names represent a very small percentage of the 750,000 names already registered in the .INFO domain."

Re-distribution Process

Afilias' process to equitably redistribute successfully challenged Sunrise names will utilize a randomized, round robin name selection method, similar to the one used in the initial public launch of .INFO. This method randomizes the queue (or batch) of names submitted by each registrar, and then assigns a random order to pick names from each of the registrars' queues.

To service the anticipated demand for the premium names being re-released, some enhancements have been made to the application process. Specifically: 1) Registrars will be able to view their submissions in the queue prior to the processing of the queue; and 2) Registrars will also be able to delete a submission in the queue and add a new submission prior to queue processing. Registrars will be allowed to submit queues of name requests over a three (3) week period beginning in the late spring of 2002.

With many challenges still incomplete, a list of available names cannot yet be provided to Registrars. Once it becomes available, Registrants interested in applying for these names should contact their domain name Registrar. Applicants for these redistributed names do not need to be trademark holders, as awards will not be subject to Sunrise Challenge provisions.