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Afilias Appoints Chief Technical Officer to Run First "Thick" Domain Name Registry: .INFO

— Former Infonautics executive oversees first global implementation of an XML-based "thick" registry system —

Newtown, PA – October 29, 2001 — Afilias, the .INFO registry, today announced that Ram Mohan has joined the company as its Vice President of Business Operations and Chief Technical Officer, overseeing the registry for .INFO and the first global implementation of an XML-based "thick" registry system. Mr. Mohan joins Afilias from Infonautics Corp., a pioneering online database and content distribution company, most recently helping it merge with Tucows, Inc., a leading domain name registrar.

"We are very pleased to welcome Ram to Afilias' management team," said Afilias CEO, Hal Lubsen. "Ram's experience and success in building information-based start-ups into tremendous technology innovators will no doubt aid Afilias as its grows the development of .INFO -- the world's first unrestricted and truly global top-level domain."

Mr. Mohan has held various leadership positions at Infonautics, including Interim COO, CTO, and VP, Product Marketing. He is the founder of the award-winning Company Sleuth product, and created the Sleuth line of business at Infonautics. Ram also helped architect Electric Library, the United States' most used online reference database in schools and libraries, and, the first free encyclopedia on the Internet.

"I am excited to come aboard with Afilias as it launches .INFO to the world," said Mr. Mohan. "The enhanced .INFO registry system will serve as a ground-breaking example for registries to come."

"Thick" registry system
Afilias is the first of the new top-level domains (TLDs) to globally implement an XML-based thick registry. The thick registry system is an enhancement to the "thin" registry system that exists today with .COM, as it stores all of the information associated with domain name registrations at the registry level allowing for more security and stability of the information. Additionally this system is based on the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP), an enhancement to the existing Registry-Registrar Protocol (RRP), which enables more data flexibility and makes domain name management easier and more efficient. Afilias registry system also refreshes its zone file information on a near real-time basis (compared to every 24 hours for .COM), allowing a domain name to resolve through Web browsers within minutes of registration.

.INFO is the first truly global, unrestricted domain name since .COM. To date, more than 500,000 .INFO domain names have been registered since the registry opened for registration on July 25, 2001. Those interested in registering a .INFO domain name should contact an Afilias-authorized registrar of their choice. A list is available at: