Mobile and Web Services

Afilias' Mobile & Web technology division develops a range of tools to help deliver content across a wide range of mobile and connected devices customers use in today's multi-screen world.

Real-time device intelligence withDeviceAtlas

DeviceAtlas provides detailed and up-to-date device intelligence on mobile and web-enabled devices with a high-speed API capable of making millions of device detections per second.

DeviceAtlas is used by a variety of large brands and Fortune 100 companies, including Adobe, Sprint, IBM, General Motors and Target.

DeviceAtlas | Real-Time Insight on All Connected Devices

Mobile-first publishing for any device withgoMobi

goMobi is a mobile-first web publishing platform that allows anyone create a sophisticated web presence that works on any device in minutes. goMobi is deployed as a Value Added Service platform by hundreds of resellers in over 25 territories around the world.

goMobi Example of a goMobi website

Check your site’s mobile-readiness withmobiReady

mobiReady is a testing tool to evaluate your site’s mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards. mobiReady provides free analysis and a report to determine how well your site performs on mobile devices.

Stats, Insights, know-how on all things mobile and web withmobiForge

mobiForge is a resource site for web developers, marketers and others working in the mobile space. Access statistics, technical know-how, opinion and analysis on publishing content to today’s dynamic web environment. Join a community of hundreds of thousands of mobile enthusiasts on mobiForge to stay on top of this fast changing landscape.