Mobile and Web Services

Afilias' Mobile & Web technology division develops a range of tools to help deliver content across a wide range of mobile and connected devices customers use in today's multi-screen world.

Real-time device intelligence withDeviceAtlas

DeviceAtlas provides detailed and up-to-date intelligence on all mobile and web-enabled devices with high-speed APIs capable of making millions of device detections per second. The de facto standard for device data, it is the only solution that provides accurate device data across web, apps and mobile operator environments.

DeviceAtlas' patented technology is used by a variety of large brands, advertising technology, and Fortune 500 companies, including Adobe, AppNexus, AOL, Sprint and IBM.

DeviceAtlas | Real-Time Intelligence on Mobile and Connected Devices

Accurately identify counterfeit devices in real-time withDeviceAssure

DeviceAssure instantly determines whether a mobile device is authentic or counterfeit with a seamless check that can be easily deployed via an embedabble library for native apps and websites.

DeviceAssure's patented technology can be used by Enterprise Security organizations, Financial Services providers, Governments, App-enabled service providers and others doing business on the web to protect services and consumers from the threat posed by counterfeit devices.

Watch now: counterfeit devices unveiled from DeviceAssure launch at Mobile World Congress

Check your site’s mobile-readiness withmobiReady

mobiReady is a testing tool to evaluate your site’s mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards. mobiReady provides free analysis and a report to determine how well your site performs on mobile devices.

Stats, Insights, know-how on all things mobile and web withmobiForge

mobiForge is a resource site for web developers, marketers and others working in the mobile space. Access statistics, technical know-how, opinion and analysis on publishing content to today’s dynamic web environment. Join a community of hundreds of thousands of mobile enthusiasts on mobiForge to stay on top of this fast changing landscape.