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IDN e-mail

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83% of the world's population is estimated to be non-English speaking, yet for years they have been unable to communicate in their own languages via Web and e-mail addresses.

Afilias IDN E-mail is a software package that is standards-based and allows people to use almost any language in their e-mail address. The service allows full customization for the username of an e-mail address to be in any language/script represented in the Unicode standard, and can work with any second level IDN domain name or IDN top-level domain working on the Internet today.


Afilias' IDN E-mail package provides the following tools to e-mail providers interesting in integrating this technology into their e-mail service:

  • A Web based e-mail client for easy access to e-mail.
  • E-mail client software that can be used on Windows and Linux.
  • Mail server that manages all incoming and outgoing mails; and
  • A Web based administration console for easy set up of user e-mail accounts on multiple domains

Key components of the package are based on open source software used in many production e-mail systems.

Afilias IDN email mobile screenMobile Compatibility

Our IDN E-Mail solution also works on a Mobile Phone.

Custom apps are available for a range of operating systems, and our Web environment is compatible with mobile Web viewing.It provides:

  • the capability to send and receive fully internationalized e-mail via a mobile device
  • easy integration with your phone's native address book and contact list.
  • The same IDN e-mail account access where ever you go!
IDN e-mail beta testing