New TLDs

Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

Your New TLD Success, Powered by Afilias.

If you are looking to maximize your chances for acquiring a new TLD, experiencing a smooth new TLD launch, enjoying operational peace of mind and benefiting from the growth of your new TLD, then there is simply one choice: Afilias.

We'll help ensure your new gTLD meets ICANN's technical requirements and launches in a reliable and secure manner. We are currently operating numerous registries built to meet the most demanding technical standards, that comply with ICANN requirements and that can power your new gTLD.

When selecting your registry services partner, we strongly encourage you to “look under the hood” to see what you are getting. Powered by our world-class registry services technology and the passion of our people, we are proud to share some of the features and benefits of our technology platform:

  • Turnkey, “ready to go” registry system with a 100% reliable DNS infrastructure as well as 24/7/365 state-of-the-art security against attack and abuse. ICANN is already familiar with our technology platform, and when we help you launch and operate your new TLD, you can focus on your mission rather than worry whether or not your technology is working.
  • ICANN-compliant, IPv6 and DNSSEC ready registry platform that is flexible, reliable, secure and scalable enables your dot Brand TLD, dot City TLD or dot Niche TLD to be available within minutes of registration. This means that you don’t have to rely on an unproven technology that is being built on the fly.
  • The Afilias registry database platform has already proven its ability to scale in a reliable, secure manner.  This means we can scale your new TLD to what the market demands -- without wait, high costs or risks.
  • If your new TLD can benefit from a strong distribution channel, Afilias is already connected to registrars who account for more than 95% of the world’s domain name volume. The Afilias registrar management system makes it easy, inexpensive and fast for registrars to add new TLDs to their customer offerings. Other providers may require registrars to connect to unfamiliar systems, or offer non -compliant interfaces and functionality. In an environment with hundreds of new TLDs launching, registrar familiarity with Afilias is an important edge for you. We invest in relationships that build trust and collaboration.

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Judge us by our track record of performance and our history of registry technology innovations. Afilias has a legacy of innovation that is the envy of our industry. Our registry technology background and ongoing investments and innovations make us your best possible choice for a registry services provider for your new TLD. Afilias will keep you-- and all of our new TLD customers and registrar channel partners -- ahead of the curve, meeting your needs now and into the future. Your New TLD Success can be powered by Afilias. 

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Afilias has globally recognized expertise in Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) – domains in script languages like Cyrillic and Chinese – so we’ll be ready when you’re ready to operate IDNs across the world. Afilias continues to stay at the forefront of TLD and domain name security. We pioneered the highest levels of security with the 2001 launch of .INFO, which featured its innovative and secure EPP system. Our multi-level security approach has protected our clients from intrusion, enabling our systems to operate in a safe and stable manner. 

Afilias is also a pioneer in DNSSEC deployment. We provided the technology support for .ORG’s adoption of DNSSEC, the first large gTLD to sign at both the zone and delegation levels. The majority of our other 15 TLDs are also now signed. In addition, Afilias has been a leader in domain anti-abuse efforts, including being the first registy with a stated Anti-Abuse policy that helped drive phishing out of .INFO and making inroads on spam. Finally, we are pioneering additional security services including registrant authentication.

Afilias offers expanded capabilities for your new TLD. In addition to the authentication, reporting, analysis and security support, Afilias can support your new TLD in many areas beyond core registry technology:

  1. Tapping the mobile Internet:  the award-winning goMobi service from Afilias subsiadiary dotMobi provides an industry-leading ability to reach mobile Internet users. Mobile devices are the fastest growing means of accessing the Internet, especially in developing countries. goMobi provides breakthrough methods for mobilizing existing content and enabling registrants to quickly, easily and inexpensively tailor their site to the capabilities of the user’s specific device.
  2. Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs):  Afilias is a pioneer in the deployment of IDN solutions. As part of our support for .IN (India), we have helped the Government of India apply for and gain ICANN approval for IDN versions of the “.IN” TLD in seven different Indic scripts in what is the most complex IDN implementation currently in process.
  3. IDN Email:  One of the major impediments to global IDN adoption is the inability of most email systems to accommodate non-ASCII addresses. Afilias has solved that problem and is currently beta testing a solution that enables non-ASCII addresses to work in current email systems. This capability may broaden the appeal of your new TLD and help it reach its full potential.

Afilias has a client-friendly business model focused on serving external customers. Specifically, 14 of the 16 top level domains we support are operated on behalf of non-Afilias entities (for example, we operate the technical support for .ORG under a contract with Public Interest Registry, the ICANN designated Registry Operator for the .ORG top level domain). This client-friendly business model is reflected across our organization -- from our team of dedicated Account Managers to the way we architect our registry and DNS systems. In short, we are experienced in supporting TLDs for outside clients, and this is a major aspect that distinguishes us from competitors.

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