New TLDs

Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

The Experts in New TLDs

Afilias is the world's largest provider of domain registry services, supporting more than 20 million registrations across 16 different TLDs, six of which are new TLDs under contract with ICANN!  In fact, Afilias has more new TLD registrations than all other registry services providers combined.       Afilias' new TLDs have more registrations than all other registry service providers combined.      

Afilias uses a world-class, ICANN-compliant registry services technology platform to operate a diverse collection of domain registries, including .org, .info and .mobi. No other firm in the world has the breadth and depth of experience preparing, launching and operating such a large collection of TLDs.  

Working in close collaboration with ICANN, our registrar channel partners, and our TLD registry customers, we have been planning and investing in anticipation of the current explosion of new TLDs. The new TLD business is a long-term strategic focus for Afilias. As an industry leader, we have been a pioneering every major domain registry technology development including EPP, DNSSEC, IDNs and IPv6. We continue to invest in domain registry technologies, security, managed DNS services, the mobile Internet and database technologies so that our registry services technology and innovations continue to meet -- and exceed -- ICANN’s tough technical requirements now and in the future.  Our proven ICANN-compliant registry services platform is designed to manage and operate top level domains in a secure, reliable and efficient manner. No new TLD customer is too small - or large - for us. And as your new TLD begins to grow, Afilias' services are already scaled to meet your changing needs.

Most new TLDs aim to succeed; however, the success record of new gTLDs is mixed. Afilias launched the most successful new gTLD ever.   Launched in 2001, the .INFO gTLD is a great study of a successful new TLD lifecycle. Learn more about .INFO.

.INFO is the most successful new TLD ever launched

As the experts in new TLDs, Afilias will share the secrets to our success in launching and operating .INFO. Afilias has also developed materials to help you understand the benefits, challenges and opportunities of applying for, managing and outsourcing the operations of your new TLD. No matter if your organization plans to apply for a new TLD for your company, city or regional government, or niche community of interest, you will enjoy the many benefits that your new TLD can provide if you arm yourself with knowledge, build the right team, and partner wisely.  

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What ARE the lessons from past launches?  The Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias gave this compelling new TLD presentation at the September 26, 2011 New Domains conference in Munich, Germany. The presentation shows detailed statistics about new TLDs, trends and key lessons learned. When it comes to new TLDs, is history a prelude to the future? Judge for yourself.

Afilias has developed some great education materials and we welcome you to spend some time reviewing our e-books, videos, blogs and webinars. Please visit the dot Brand section to learn about how your firm can succeed with a new gTLD (or several gTLDs), or visit the dot City section to learn about how your city or region can succeed with a new TLD, or visit the dot Niche section to learn how your association or community of interest can succeed with a new gTLD.

Let’s start a conversation about your New TLD. Contact the Afilias New TLD Team today.