Domain Name Registry Services

Afilias provides a complete and flexible registry solution, combining Afilias' industry experience with best-of-breed technology to deliver a complete, integrated registry service.

ccTLDs | country code Top Level Domains Registry Services

Afilias' industry experience and best of breed technology offer a world-class, customizable solution to address any ccTLD's needs. Afilias offers a global platform, increasing exposure to a worldwide market. We are a proven partner, providing tested advice, technology, and expertise.

Looking to move your domain to a more reliable and advanced system? Afilias also has more transition experience than any other provider. We can smoothly and efficiently move your domain, offering the best technology, reliability and immediate access to a global distribution channel.

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Afilias currently supports the following ccTLDs:

AG (Antigua and Barbuda) BZ (Belize)


GI (Gibraltar) AU (Australia)




LC (St. Lucia) ME (Montenegro)



MN (Mongolia) SC (the Seychelles)


VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) AC (Ascension Islands)
SH (St. Helena) IO (Indian Ocean)
BM (Bermuda) PR (Puerto Rico)