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Your Questions Answered: dot Brands and New generic Top Level Domains

In 2012, the Internet changed forever. Did your brand change with it?

On January 12, 2012, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began to allow any brand to apply for its own top-level domain. Imagine, "drink.pepsi" instead of "www.pepsi.com/drink"; with your name after the dot, you're now advertising your brand with your Internet address. 

But just a few months later, the first dot Brand application period closed. It’s not likely to open again for years … but the time to prepare is now. 

One place to start preparing is by watching a webinar from the Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership, “Who Should Invest in a dot Brand? Evaluating the Business Case for a Top-Level Domain Name,” sponsored by Afilias. Investing in a dot Brand TLD raises strategic, financial, IT, security and brand management questions. This webinar addresses the issues that brand builders and their companies are facing.

If you’re short on time, just watch video highlights instead of the complete webinar. You can also learn more about dot Brands on our site. Plus, we have a short guide for brand builders to learn more about dot Brands and to share with your advisors and colleagues. 

And when you’re ready to begin a conversation about your dot Brand, start here.