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FlexDNS Custom DNS Solution



Afilias'FlexDNS Platform allows you to manage DNS your way. Resellers, Registrars, TLD registry operators, and Corporations can now get a custom DNS solution, made for their unique needs.

  • Improve the reliability of your DNS network

    Manage DNS your way

  • Use a flexible solution that gives you the control to manage DNS the way you want
  • Cost-effectively improve your DNS by relying on an expert


Which solution is best for you?
The FlexDNS Platform allows users to connect to Afilias' Managed DNS Service in one of three ways: API, AXFR, Web portal.

Manage DNS APIOurAPI is a fully documented REST and XML based solution. It allows you to rely on Afilias' infrastructure and seamlessly integrate it with your own interface. Whether you are a Registrar, Hosting Company, or Reseller looking to augment your DNS offering, our API will provide you with the perfect solution to improve your DNS.

AXFR for Domain RegistriesMany domain registries need a quick and automated way to make updates to their DNS records. Afilias' AXFR option allows them to act as the master and synchronize with Afilias simply by sending automated zone file updates via AXFR.

Web portal DNS record managementAfilias' DNS Web portal is an intuitive Web interface that allows for quick and simple DNS record management, bulk imports, customizable user and folder groups, hundreds of reporting options, and expanded security through dual authentication and SMS alerts.

Talk to one of our representatives to find out how to ensure 100% up-time for your Web site with Afilias' Managed DNS Service and get the FlexDNS solution that works for you!

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