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Can I register domain names with the character "ß" (Eszet)?

The .INFO registry accepts IDN registrations in compliance with the IETF IDN standards and ICANN IDN guidelines for the German script only. Registrars are responsible for converting an IDN to its Punycode equivalent before submitting it for registration to the registry. As such, according to the IDN technical standards, the "ß" (Eszet) is effectively mapped to "ss" based on the Nameprep mechanism. Therefore, in short, YES, you may register domain names that contain the "ß", but that information, when passed to the registry by your registrar, will essentially be registered as double-s: "ss". More specifically, Afilias does not recognize or distinguish between a registration for "ß" or "ss", somewhat similarly to how the registry treats registrations for "XyZ" as "xyz" (i.e. the domain "straß" will be technically equivalent to the domain ""). IDNA-compliant browsers should convert the encoded domain (e.g.: straß into ASCII (e.g.: to facilitate resolution.