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Feb 13, 2017

With over 600 “dot Brands” applied for in 2012, and hundreds now launched, 2017 seems poised to be the Year of dotBrand!

“dotBrands” are top level domains (TLDs) that use the brand name to the right of the dot, as in or  Many large companies across nearly every industry applied, including Google, Amazon, Citibank, VISA, McDonalds, Sony,...

Oct 28, 2016

Last month, in a much heralded international event, the agreement that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) held with the United States Department of Commerce was permitted to lapse and so ICANN became an independent manager of the Internet’s addressing system.

Jul 14, 2016

Developing Internet of Things Building Blocks

Defining standards, privacy, and security components and identifying their respective pain points.


Part 1: Defining the Internet of Things

Nov 3, 2015

Are you ready to help me make the Internet more secure? Here’s your chance to join me in a project to create an open-source hardware device to protect email, files and other data from hackers and government spies.

The CrypTech Project was founded in late 2013 after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the US and other governments were exploiting weak cryptography and loose standards to gain access to citizens’ email, documents, and other files....

Aug 6, 2015

Chapter 15 – The Day of Reckoning

First it was the fridge – it didn’t feel as cold. Then the oven was taking a long time to heat up. Then the air conditioning, the washer, the dryer… even the microwave – they all seemed a little off. Not much – but a proud and dedicated homeowner like myself could definitely feel it. Then my phone rang. It was John, my neighbor.

Jun 2, 2015

The Internet of Things: Solving Security Challenges from the Fringe to the Core

Apr 21, 2015

Previously reserved “ICANN collision” names now available to public

Couldn’t register for great names like,, or Now you can! Afilias is pleased to announce that the Name CollisionManagement process as required by ICANN is complete for the new top level domains (TLDs) that Afilias launched in 2014.  This means...

Jan 27, 2015

Afilias过往曾多次莅临中国市场。不过,2014年第四季度Afilias在中国市场的表现空前活跃。在本季度,我们的中国和美方团队在中国的多座城市完成了两项激动人心的活动——2014年新通用顶级域名(gTLD)路演和2014 Afilias峰会。我本人亲自参与了这两项活动,有幸与域名行业的许多中国同行分享了有关新顶级域名(TLD)领域的诸多见解和最新进展情况。

Brandma联手举办新通用顶级域(gTLD )路演