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Learn about applying for a new dot City Top Level Domain

ICANN’s first New gTLD application window recently closed. Now is the time to start preparing your city or region for the next ICANN gTLD application window. ICANN has not yet announced when the new application window will open, but we will keep you posted when they do.

In the meantime, start educating yourself and your fellow team members on new gTLDs. Investing in a new gTLD is a strategic decision. Now is the time for you to monitor and research how other cities and regions are deploying their new gTLDs to stimulate your own new gTLD imagination.

How will you and your city or region use your new gTLD?

Apply for your dot City new Top Level Domain

If you’re a regional or city official, trusted advisor, or an interested citizen, you have come to the best place on the Web to learn about dot City TLDs. Navigate below to learn more about applying for a new dot City TLD. And if you’re ready to begin a conversation with our New TLD Team, start here.

Succeeding with Your New dot City TLD

In 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) unleashed a new era of competition designed to expand the possibilities of Internet domain names and create a more accessible, secure and innovative Internet. 

In 2012, representatives from any city or region in the world were able to apply to own a unique “generic Top Level Domain” (gTLD). A TLD is the suffix that is “right of the last dot” in an Internet address, as in the “gov” in www.phila.gov, or “org” in www.ICANN.org or “info” in www.Afilias.info. This means, for example, that authorized New York representatives can apply for “.nyc” or the Rocky Mountain region for “.rockies” or Dakar for “.dakar”, and so on. 

The first ICANN application window is closed now, but another application window will open although ICANN has not yet announced the date of the new window. We will keep you updated.

If you’re a city official, a trusted advisor, or even an interested citizen, you have come to the best place on the Web to learn about dot City TLDs and to learn the answers to such questions as:

  • How does this change in the Internet’s domain naming system (DNS) affect my city or my region?
  • What are the benefits to my city or region?
  • What are the costs to acquire and operate a new TLD? 
  • How do I determine if investing in a new dot City TLD or dot Region TLD makes sense?

As the industry’s most experienced new TLD registry provider, we want to help you make the right decision for your city. After reviewing our information on the dot City opportunity, let’s discuss how our second-to-none expertise in new TLDs can help you apply for, launch and operate your new TLD once the new application window is announced.

Learn more about dot City TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation.

It’s Crunch Time

Be warned: The process to apply for an ICANN new dot City domain can take time … and the time to apply is short. No applications will be accepted after April 20, 2012. Once that application window closes, it may not open for years or -- even a decade.

It takes time to build a team, develop a program, and select the most qualified Registry Services Partner to help complete the rigorous ICANN new TLD application process. The applicationis complex and costs USD$185,000. That’s not to discourage you; it’s to help you set realistic timelines for building your team and ensuring your budget. By the way, $185,000 is less than the cost of running one full-page ad in the New York Times just one time.

Learn more about dot City TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation.

Benefits of Your New dot City TLD

The benefits of owning and operating a new dot City TLD are many: a shorter and more memorable brand-building domain name, complete control over who uses your dot City name and how they use it, new ways for your government to support economic growth, and new revenue-generating possibilities that support your unique initiatives for tourism and economic development.

Your new dot City TLD will give you the power to create new second-level domain names – for example, “www.tourism.chicago” or “www.nightclubs.miami.” In these examples, the second level domain is what’s “left of the dot” like “tourism” and “nightclubs.”

You will be able to set policies and management rights to determine who can use your second-level domain names, and whether you charge money to firms and organizations to use your second-level domain names.

Your new dot City TLD can enable your city administrations to launch new e-government initiatives, inform citizens about emergencies, and advertise services, tourism, local events, public transportation, legislation, and local issues. You can elicit your citizens and stakeholders’ input. You can even crowd-source initiatives to create a true “participatory democracy.” In short, it’s a more intuitive place to find all the information people will need about your city.

Looking ahead, your new dot City TLD can become an engine of innovation that will help your citizens and your city grow and thrive.

Bottom line: your new dot City TLD gives your city the capacity to empower your citizens and your government employees to interact in new, never-before-possible ways.

Learn more about dot City TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation

Which Cities and Regions Are Applying for a dot City TLD?

Richard Florida, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, has written extensively about the “creative city” -- metropolitan regions with high concentrations of technology workers, among other creative groups. These technologically advanced environments, he notes, attract significant businesses and capital. One of the ways you can ensure your city or region is perceived – and acts – like a “creative city” is to use a city-specific TLD to identify your city or region.

Several cities have already applied for a dot City TLD, including:

  • Barcelona --.bcn
  • Berlin --.berlin
  • Hamburg --.hamburg
  • Cologne --.cologne
  • London --.london
  • New York --.nyc
  • Paris --.paris
  • Rome --.roma
  • Sydney --.sydney

If you are a city official, or advisor to a city, or simply an interested citizen, what will you do today to ensure that your city gets its own space on the Internet the next time the window opens to apply for a dot City domain?

Learn more about dot City TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation.

What About dot Regions?

For regions that are connected by a common language and culture, a new TLD can help unify and connect interests and businesses throughout the region. For example, the inhabitants of the Catalonia region in Spain currently use “.cat” to demonstrate a shared language, as well as the geographic and cultural uniqueness in this historic area.

Smaller cities might wish to band together and submit an application for a dot Region TLD. For example, the cities of Wallonia in Belgium might submit a “.walloon” to support their strong cultural and language ties and to highlight business opportunities unique to the region. Or the cities of Louisiana’s Cajun area might consider a “.cajun” to demonstrate their one-of-a-kind language, cultural history and geographic proximity. 

Learn more about dot City TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation.

Should You Apply for a dot City/Region TLD?

Imagine differentiating your city or region to compete in new ways for tourism, talent and technology. Your new dot City TLD can act as a platform for government employees and citizens to create new services and revenues. Your new top-level domain platform is only limited by your imagination.

Given the costs, investing in a dot City TLD is a strategic investment in the future of your area. The good news is that Afilias is uniquely positioned to help your city successfully apply for, launch and operate your top-level domain when the next application window opens. Given our years of experience, we have developed a rapid and rigorous approach and the proven technology to improve your chances of success when applying for your new TLD.

Learn more about dot City/Region TLDs and what to expect. Simply contact us to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory conversation.

Requirements to Apply for, Launch and Operate Your New TLD

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the entity that decides how you apply for your new domain; you administer it once you receive permission for it.

All of this is outlined in the free ICANN Applicant Guidebook. After downloading the guidebook, you will want to pay special attention to section “Geographic Names Review.” This section contains all the information – including documentation needed – to submit a successful dot City or dot Region application.

You will also want to pay especially close attention to questions 23-44 and “Module 5: Transition to Delegation.” These require detailed and highly specialized technical expertise. And this is where working with an established provider like Afilias can help ensure your application meets these stringent requirements. Afilias has supported more approved new TLD applications than any other provider. Afilias understands how to help you succeed with your application and how to help you best take advantage of your domain – in accordance with your objectives -- once it’s approved.

Investigate before You Invest: the e-Book

Our dot City e-book is a fast-read document designed to help you understand the opportunities and the “how to’s” of owning a new dot City TLD.

Afilias dot City ebook

Investigate before You Invest: the Video

Watch our video on the opportunities created by dot City TLDs. This short video illustrates the many benefits and new approaches that your city or region can gain with its own top-level domain.