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It's Decision Time for Your Dot Brand gTLD

The New TLD Application window is now closed.

ICANN recently closed its first application window for unique top-level domains. Instead of advertising for the company that owns .com, your brand can be your Web address.

ICANN has announced that there will be another application window opened in the future, but no one knows when the window will open again. It may be seven years away (or more.)

A “dot Brand” domain is a major opportunity that your company’s decision-makers need to seize when the next application window opens. CMOs, CFOs, CTOs, CEOs, Board Members, Risk Committee Members, Governance Committee members need to move together fast when the next window opens because the clock will tick fast…

When the next application window opens again, will you remain in your “.comfort zone” or will you open new opportunities for your company and your brand?

VIDEO: The dot Brand Application

The dot Brand new world is now opening

Time doesn’t stand still. Neither do your competitors. Even if you missed the first application window, you want to be ready for the next one.

To help you prepare, spend just 2 minutes (+) watching this video about dot Brands to stimulate your imagination. Feel free to share this video with your colleagues and decision-makers to jump-start a dialogue -- and a decision -- about applying for a dot Brand domain.

VIDEO: Executive Overview

"Now I have questions …"

What is the cost of a dot Brand? Are there any downsides to having a dot Brand? How do I select a proven registry technology partner who will succeed with us? How do I know if a registry technology partner really knows what they’re doing? What other questions should we be asking?

In this video, Afilias CMO Roland LaPlante explains the options and consequences of applying -- or not -- for a dot Brand gTLD. He also gives you a list of resources to help you make the best decision given your competitive situation.

Watch: Executive Overview: Your dot Brand Application  Length: 4:59

More questions? We want to hear them. Contact our dot Brand specialists now.Watch:Executive Overview: Your dot Brand Application  Length: 4:59

Didn't Apply?

Didn't Apply …?

Now that the new gTLD application window is closed, ICANN will begin to delegate new TLDs. It’s likely some of your competitors will have their new gTLD live before the next round opens. You need to be prepared now for the next new gTLD application window.

Now is the time to start a conversation among your colleagues about the potential -- and challenges, risks and costs -- with dot Brand gTLDs.

We invite you to learn from the thought-leaders in global branding: Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership.Afilias recently sponsored Columbia Business School's

Afilias sponsored Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership's webinar, "Who should invest in a dot Brand?" Evaluating the Business Case for a Top-Level Domain Name.”

You can view the full webinar below (and share the link with your colleagues). If you’re short on time, watch highlights from the webinar on our gTLD webinar page.


If you are having trouble viewing this video please download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player here.

Ready to start talking? Contact our dot Brand specialists now.

VIDEOS: Control your risks. Control your destiny

dot Brand gTLDs: Your Brand Stewardship and Governance

For the moment, let’s forget about CMOs and brand builders.

Let’s focus on the CEO, the CFO, The CIO, the CTO, the COO as well as Board Members, Risk Committee members and Governance Committee Members.

When considering a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) for your organization, you are thinking about your firm’s strategies and competencies as well as managing corporate assets and investments. 

The following videos, hosted by Afilias CTO and Executive Vice President Ram Mohan, highlight controlling your risks -- and your destiny -- in the current Internet landscape. and calculate the real cost of owning (or the opportunity cost of not owning) your brand as a top-level domain.

Like real estate, with a new gTLD -- your dot Brand -- you buy the land and decide who builds on it and what they build. You control the total destiny of your brand on the Internet.

A dot Brand gTLD can help mitigate online property risks in a way that you simply cannot with a .com or .net domain.

Even with dedicated teams and risk management plans, large brands like Google and Microsoft have lost control of some of their biggest online assets. The cost of losing your domain, even for a few hours, can cause a dramatic dip in customer confidence, brand trust and your bottom line. 

Watch: Controlling Your Brand Risks  Length: 5:29


Watch: Dot Brand: Controlling Your Destiny  Length: 4:40


Owning your brand to the right of dot is the only way to mitigate your online property risks and let you control -- completely -- your company’s online real estate.

Next Steps

Afilias is here to help.

First, visit our gTLD webinar page for highlights from Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership’s webinar on dot Brands. There, you can find out more about the ICANN new gTLD program and hear experts offer their thoughts, insights and industry foresight.

Also, visit our dot Brand resource page to watch the informative video, “Welcome to a .Brand New World” and read our e-book titled, “Envisioning Your dot Brand New World: A Field Guide for Brand Builders.”

Then, contact us to see how the Afilias’ new TLD experts can help you with the ICANN new gTLD program, your domain launch and the ongoing management of your dot Brand.