Managed DNS Services

Upgrade Your DNS. Afilias provides a 100% uptime guarantee based on the most secure, diverse and reliable DNS infrastructure available.

Managed DNS Services | 100% up-time guarantee

Peace of mind in knowing your DNS is always up.

Request More InformationRequest Information Are you concerned about DNS? You should be. Without 100% reliable DNS, it does not matter how scalable or redundant your system is, because your customers may never get to your Web site.

For many organizations DNS management is not their core competence, nor should it be. Outsourcing your primary DNS operations or adding a secondary provider can enhance your security strategy. Rely on Afilias' one of a kind DNS architecture that avoids the typical single points of failure that virtually all other DNS systems have deployed.

Afilias' DNS integrates diversity at every layer, through multiple hardware and software solutions, multiple bandwidth providers and numerous geographic locations. Afilias' DNS utilizes anycast technology and a geographically diverse network to ensure that your DNS always resolves.

Our infrastructure already supports nearly 10% of the Internet's domain names, answering billions of queries daily!


Afilias' FlexDNS Platform allowsyou to manage DNS your way! It provides options to connect via our unique Web portal, AXFR, or our advanced API. Each solution is backed by Afilias' 100% up-time guarantee! Combine the security and cost savings of using a DNS infrastructure built by experts with a custom solution that is made to fit your needs. FIND OUT WHICH FlexDNS SOLUTION IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

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