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Top 10 reasons NOT to apply for a New TLD

These days, with the deadline to apply for a dot Brand, dot Niche or dot City TLD from ICANN coming fast, everyone is saying why you should apply for one (or more.) Well, we've found a few reasons why you might not apply for your dot Anything.

10. The 28.8 kbps modem in our office can't download all 352 pages of the ICANN Applicant Guidebook.

9. I might have to hire more people to handle all of the new business we'll get.

8. $185,000 buys a lot of cheeseburgers. Try eating a TLD when you’re hungry.

7. Prefer to wait until the Applicant Guidebook app launches in the App Store. The application will be easier to complete on my smartphone.

6. Don’t want customers to think we’re technologically competent. That will set their expectations too high.

5. We're putting our money into telekinesis research instead, so we can beam our message directly into the brains of potential customers.

4. My Farmville crop tending takes all the spare time I’d use to complete the ICANN application.

3. I'm afraid that having my own TLD will cause my brand to be overexposed.

2. If people buy domains from me, I’ll feel guilty about putting the Go Daddy girls out of work.

1. We'll adopt a new TLD once Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopt one.

What are your reasons? Let us know in the comments section.