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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness at Afilias

As the Coronavirus captures the news, Afilias has invoked its business continuity protocols to ensure continuation of 24x7 service to clients despite the disruptions related to the virus.

Afilias supports our registry and registrar clients with redundant resources that help make our services disaster resistant. For example:

  1. Redundancy: The Afilias team has about 300 members focused on registry support, which means we have enough experts to maintain redundancy in every critical function.  If some of our staff become ill, there are other experts who can step in. Unlike smaller registry teams, Afilias avoids single points of failure.
  2. Diversity: The Afilias team is dispersed throughout the world, which reduces our dependency on any one location.
  3. Connectivity: The Afilias team can work from home (or nearly anywhere!) if needed—every key staff member has secure remote access to the resources they need to support our clients.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have dramatically curtailed any kind of travel or attendance at large events. This will minimize potential exposure. Further, we have arranged more thorough cleaning of our facilities and made items such hand sanitizer available to our staff. We are also closing offices temporarily as conditions dictate, with staff working remotely. And of course, we are encouraging any staff member who feels ill to stay home.

We are monitoring the progress of the virus closely and adjusting our approach as conditions merit.

We do hope that everyone will take recommended precautions and stay well.