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Afilias celebrates .org’s 15 years of technical excellence

This month marks the 15th year Afilias has powered the technology and support for Public Interest Registry (PIR) and its stewardship of the .org top level domain.

PIR CEO Brian Cute recently blogged about the impact of .org and how it has served the non-commercial community over the last 15 years. PIR, the leading not-for-profit registry operator in the world, has been a leader in supporting non-profit initiatives on the Internet in concert with its parent organization, the Internet Society (ISOC).

Afilias has pioneered many ground-breaking advancements in registry technology in support of .org.  These advancements have made both .org and the internet ecosystem more secure and stable--and provided greater assurance that domain names will continue to be respected, secure and reliable resource locators on the global internet.

Pioneering technical achievements include:

  1. First and largest TLD to change platforms without interruption of service:  In early 2003, Afilias moved nearly 3 million active .org domains names from the legacy provider to our modern registry platform without any interruption of service to end users. Working closely with PIR and ISOC staff, we completed one of the most complicated transitions ever with no security or stability issues. This was an historic first from a technical standpoint, and no other technology provider has been able to do this since.
  2. First large gTLD zone to be DNSSEC signed: DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) provide an extra measure of security for domain registrants and internet users. Cryptographically “signed” domains make it more difficult for criminals to perpetrate exploits. By signing the entire .org zone, Afilias and PIR pioneered a new level of security for one of the most used names on the internet, enhancing the trust in one of the Internet’s top destinations.
  3. Non-English addresses: .org domains are now available in over 20 different languages, including Hindi, Chinese and Russian. Afilias has been a leader in enabling “internationalized domain names” (IDNs) in .org as part of PIR’s goal of expanding the internet and bringing .org to everyone.
  4. Increased reliability with increasing popularity: When we began supporting .org, it was a nearly 3 million name “thin” registry with no registration records. With Afilias’ technical expertise, .org has scaled to serve over 10+ million names, and responds to over 10 billion queries every day – a nearly 40-fold increase in queries since PIR’s stewardship.

Afilias is proud of its service to PIR, ISOC, and the Internet community while providing best-in-class technology, support and services for .org, one of the most trusted TLDs on the internet. Today, .org has more than 10,000,000 registrations, so the challenges are bigger and the vigilance required is greater.  We congratulate PIR, ISOC and especially the global non-profit community on this historic milestone and pledge our continued commitment to ensuring that .org is always at the vanguard of security and stability.