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5 Easy Must Do’s on World Backup Day

Imagine coming into your home office this morning and finding your files LOCKED and a demand for bitcoin on your screen--would you panic?  Of course you would.

Here is a snip from one actual report: “It's hard to estimate how much data has been lost exactly, but we estimate we have lost at least 5000 projects, 5000 comments, and roughly 700 users.”

This situation, and many like it, are the reason we have “World Backup Day” today. This year, it’s even more important than ever.

As many of us work remotely from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, backing up your digital work becomes YOUR job. Most workplaces arrange for automatic back-up at the office; most homes do not. At home, it will be YOUR FAULT if your files are lost. Today is the day to take action!

Both Windows and Apple provide backup tools. Windows, Mac and Small business users may also be interested in offerings from companies like Carbonite or Acronis

Here are 5 simple steps to ensure you have adequate backups.

  1. Make a Full Backup--this means your entire hard drive--files, software, etc. If you need to restore everything, you’ll need a complete, point in time copy of everything. 
  2. Make a Backup of your full Backup (now you have 2 complete backups)
  3. Keep one backup handy (e.g on a typically unconnected external drive on your desk) 
  4. Keep the other full backup in the cloud (you’ll need a cloud account or storage at work)
  5. Every week, make a new set of backups, so you will never lose more than one week’s work if disaster happens.  Keep the original backup, the last backup, and your newest backup.  When your newest backup completes successfully, you can delete the last one.  Backups don’t always complete successfully the first time, so wait til your newest backup completes before deleting an old one.

Finally, take The World Backup Day Pledge:
“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”
See www.worldbackupday.com or check out this video:  https://vimeo.com/97489098

Ram Mohan
Chief Operating Officer, Afilias