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IGF-USA Registration is open!

We have some exciting updates from IGF-USA. First, the registration for our annual event on 25 July 2019 at CSIS in Washington, DC is now open. Secondly, we have a vibrant agenda and sessions filled with subject matter experts from government, civil society, academia and the private sector. Information can be found at https://www.igfusa.us/igf-usa-2019/ where details are updated regularly.
Our collaborative multi stakeholder process has produced an agenda that addresses themes that reflect headline-rich topics, pending and discussed regulation, cutting edge technologies and how to make these available to all Americans. The program covers:
  • Which national privacy strategy should the US adopt?
  • Is the Techlash justified?
  • If big is bad, is big tech even badder?
  • Cyber safety and resiliency at the internet infrastructure layer
  • Diverging paths for platform liability – the impact of Section 230 and the choice for America’s digital future
  • Innovative Solutions for Digital Inclusion
  • 5G Enabling Tech Innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence
I am proud of the diversity and inclusiveness of this program. It will cover all layers of the internet (application, communications and infrastructure layers) and the impact on all types of actors and users. The program looks at our uniquely American dynamics of internet governance as well as our role in the global environment. 
We are honored to have keynotes by senior members of the US government: Ambassador Robert L. Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy, and; Commissioner Christine S. Wilson of the Federal Trade Commission. I also want to give a special thanks to all of our confirmed speakers for taking time to share their unique perspectives. 
I close with a reminder that our organization is voluntary and relies on funding by the community. Organizing this event and its livestreaming and captioning, supporting our Day Zero Youth event, and hosting IGF-USA On the Road events is only possible by the generosity of our stakeholders. Nearly every US entity is impacted by the internet, and IGF-USA is a place to advocate and participate in shaping its governance. I encourage all interested parties to be in touch with me for more information on sponsorship opportunities and our impact. 
See you in July!