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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

Expanding Leadership in Internet Governance

The Opportunity rover sent its final transmission. It snowed in Las Vegas and Malibu. A five bald eagle love triangle played out in a DC eagles nest… There’s a lot of eye-popping news unfolding over the past two weeks, and there is another exciting item to add: I’m the newest Co-Chair of IGF-USA!

Taking this role allows me to continue efforts to serve the internet community in promotion of stable and secure technologies that are globally accessible to all internet users. IGF-USA is an important voice in advancing approaches to internet technology that reflect the character and successes of this nation: a multi-stakeholder model that builds solutions, creates opportunity and is nimble in mitigating risks and problems. As a company that manages important public assets, Afilias embraces this responsibility and need to deliver solutions and educate all members of the ecosystem.

Working with my Co-Chair, Dustin Phillips, we will continue on the positive path set by our predecessors with specific goals around inclusion and diversity. The United States is a large country and the internet touches nearly every facet of our lives. Healthcare, academia, agriculture, and city planning are just a few sectors with new technologies both impacting users and impacted by regulation. It is important for IGF-USA to embrace these newer and less traditional sectors that are now so heavily reliant on the internet. These activities are synergistic with our aim of expanding diversity by both inviting new sectors and voices and creating additional fora for constructive dialogue on new topics. We will also continue to add more venues throughout the country with “IGF-USA on the road” events that take the discussion beyond our annual event in DC (25 July at CSIS, save the date!).

The past two weeks have been a busy time for our community as we establish the program for the annual event. We received over 75 topics for consideration from scores of contributors. We have organized these into 15 categories and are conducting a survey to select the panels and plenaries and develop the agenda. We’ve also started dialogue for IGF-USA on the road events covering topics like DNS security and rural access. And finally, planning is underway for our youth-focused Day Zero event (24 July) where we are inviting students to start their participation in the world of internet governance. I’m really looking forward to hearing their perspective.  

In stark contrast to the final data transmission Opportunity sent JPL, my tenure as Co-Chair represents a continuation of sharing information about internet policy, security, networks, and new technologies. I look forward to working with the community and executing our important mission.