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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

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Good internet hygiene during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are all aware of the steps for mitigating the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19):

IGF 2019 - Fighting for a Free and Open Internet

We have another successful IGF meeting in the annals of Internet governance. Below I share a few thoughts and highlights of the event.

IGF USA Welcome Statement

It is a pleasure to have you here on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the IGF USA. This event is only possible with the support of our sponsors and the tremendous effort of our volunteers, several of whom have been involved since the first event in 2009. I thank all of you; we are sincerely grateful for your contributions.

IGF-USA Registration is open!

We have some exciting updates from IGF-USA. First, the registration for our annual event on 25 July 2019 at CSIS in Washington, DC is now open. Secondly, we have a vibrant agenda and sessions filled with subject matter experts from government, civil society, academia and the private sector. Information can be found at https://www.igfusa.us/igf-usa-2019/ where details are updated regularly.

Expanding Leadership in Internet Governance

The Opportunity rover sent its final transmission. It snowed in Las Vegas and Malibu. A five bald eagle love triangle played out in a DC eagles nest… There’s a lot of eye-popping news unfolding over the past two weeks, and there is another exciting item to add: I’m the newest Co-Chair of IGF-USA!

Newest Dynamic Coalition Launched at IGF 2018 to Drive Resolution of DNS Issues

The Internet Governance Forum 2018 meeting was an important part of Paris Digital week, bringing together people from across the community towards the end of good internet health and best practices. The event was particularly exciting for Afilias, who helped form a new Dynamic Coalition.