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DNSSEC becomes a reality today at ICANN Brussels

Attendees at the public ICANN meeting in Brussels today heard from over two dozen companies that have implemented or are planning to support DNSSEC, the next-generation standard protocol for secured domain names. It is clearer than ever before that DNSSEC is becoming a reality.

More stepping stones before this summer's seminal DNSSEC events

The deployment of Domain Security Extensions (DNSSEC) has crossed another milestone this month with the publication of DURZ (deliberately unvalidatable root zone) in all DNS root servers on 5 May 2010.

While this change was virtually invisible to most Internet users, this event and the remaining testing that will occur over these next two months will dictate the ultimate success of DNSSEC deployment across the Internet.

The State of Phishing

Over the last three years, the Anti-Phishing Working Group's semiannual Global Phishing Survey has become a widely cited source of information about the state of phishing and its place in the Internet landscape.

DNSSEC No Longer Pie-in-the-Sky: Time to Develop a Strategy

You may have seen media reports a few weeks ago describing how servers behind the so-called Great Firewall of China were found delivering incorrect DNS information to users in the rest of the world, thereby redirecting users to edited Web pages. Reports indicate that this apparently occurred due to a caching error by a single Internet Service Provider. While the problem was fairly limited in scope, it could have entirely been prevented in a world where DNSSEC was fully deployed.

New cyberthreats: Have you been exposed at home?

There are new threats that you may have already been exposed to. Here are some of the new threats and advice for how to protect yourself.

5 Easy Must Do’s on World Backup Day

Imagine coming into your home office this morning and finding your files LOCKED and a demand for bitcoin on your screen--would you panic?  Of course you would.

Here is a snip from one actual report: “It's hard to estimate how much data has been lost exactly, but we estimate we have lost at least 5000 projects, 5000 comments, and roughly 700 users.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness at Afilias

As the Coronavirus captures the news, Afilias has invoked its business continuity protocols to ensure continuation of 24x7 service to clients despite the disruptions related to the virus.

Afilias supports our registry and registrar clients with redundant resources that help make our services disaster resistant. For example:

Security Update: Protecting Afilias Clients from SHA-1 Vulnerabilities

ICANN recently issued several communications regarding the use of SHA-1 in DNSSEC.  This post addresses SHA-1 and the steps Afilias is taking to protect TLDs in our care.