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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

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Introducing goMobi

The .mobi domain was launched in 2006 to provide a dedicated name space for content made for mobile consumption. Since its launch, dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi domain, has developed many innovative products that help businesses and organizations mobilize their messages for a mobile audience. Past successes have been their Device Atlas and Instant Mobilizer, which have won awards in their own right.

NEW TLD APPLICATION TIP: How to achieve market distribution for your new TLD

If you are a new TLD applicant, one of the key pieces of your plan is how you intend to go to market. Many applicants will be required by ICANN to use registrars, and there are many good reasons for this. Registrars understand the domain business, they are experienced domain marketers and most importantly, they have existing business relationships with many of the same registrants you will need to make your TLD successful.

NEW TLD APPLICATION TIP: Learning from History to Estimate new TLD Volume

If you are a prospective new top-level domain (TLD) applicant, one of the most important questions you must answer is: how many registrations will my TLD have? This will be an essential element of your submission to ICANN, and if profit or even economic sustainability is your goal, getting the volume right is critical.

Recap of ICANN Nairobi - Decisions and Progress to move forward on new TLDs

Due to the many groups that did not attend this month's ICANN meeting in Nairobi for various reasons, I don't think anyone expected the meeting to result in major decisions on new TLD issues we've been debating for over a year. However, that is exactly what happened.

2017: The Year of dotBrand

With over 600 “dot Brands” applied for in 2012, and hundreds now launched, 2017 seems poised to be the Year of dotBrand!

“dotBrands” are top level domains (TLDs) that use the brand name to the right of the dot, as in www.mabanque.bnpparibas or www.home.cern.  Many large companies across nearly every industry applied, including Google, Amazon, Citibank, VISA, McDonalds, Sony, HBO, and Alibaba.

Video: Customer 2025 Trust and dotBrands


Afilias Releases 160,000+ Names across 8 New TLDs

Previously reserved “ICANN collision” names now available to public

Couldn’t register for great names like caribbean.blue, bake.organic, or planet.red? Now you can! Afilias is pleased to announce that the Name CollisionManagement process as required by ICANN is complete for the new top level domains (TLDs) that Afilias launched in 2014.  This means that 160,000+ previously reserved names are now available for public registration.