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dot Brands Need to Look under the Hood before Partnering

As the countdown for the ICANN gTLD program ticks away its final 100 days, potential dot Brand applicants have to make important decisions in a short space of time: whether to apply for a new TLD, how to best leverage a new top-level domain, and which gTLD partner to choose.

Take control of your brand with a new gTLD

Successful companies already understand the importance and impact of brand control in domain names. No company would ever consider using hotmail.com or gmail.com email addresses for official business. A decade ago, did companies invest in Geocities or Tripod URLs, or did they promote their own domain names? Today, if a company hosts its blog with WordPress.com, do they take the default brand.wordpress.com Web address, or do they upgrade to their own branded second-level domain name? If they want to be successful and continually reinforce their brand, they choose the latter.

For brand owners, the time to act on new gTLDs is now

The second .nxt conference on new generic top-level domains recently concluded, and there was one thing that participants in the three days of passionate and informative discussions agreed on: time is running out for applicants.

Brands should not ignore the security benefits of new gTLD

If one thing has become clear from recent commentary on ICANN’s new top-level domain program, it's that there's a dramatic lack of understanding about some of the benefits of owning your own TLD -- especially as it relates to security.

Many brand owners -- especially those with luxury brands -- could realize immediate benefits from reduced counterfeiting and greater brand trust with a “dot Brand.”

Top 10 reasons NOT to apply for a New TLD

These days, with the deadline to apply for a dot Brand, dot Niche or dot City TLD from ICANN coming fast, everyone is saying why you should apply for one (or more.) Well, we've found a few reasons why you might not apply for your dot Anything.

10. The 28.8 kbps modem in our office can't download all 352 pages of the ICANN Applicant Guidebook.

9. I might have to hire more people to handle all of the new business we'll get.

8. $185,000 buys a lot of cheeseburgers. Try eating a TLD when you’re hungry.

The new top-level domains clock is ticking ...

January 12, 2012. That’s the day ICANN will begin accepting applications in its new generic top-level domains program. And that day is just a few months from now -- not a long time, particularly when you consider the need to build an internal team to champion the project, develop a business plan as well as registration policies, and secure funding for the project. You will also need to assemble an external team, likely in the form of a registry services provider partner, like Afilias. Given the short time you have, an experienced partner is going to be your better choice.

ICANN Sets June Target for New gTLD Program Launch

At its recent meeting in San Francisco, ICANN approved a new draft timeline for the launch of its new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) program that will let its Board of Directors approve the final Applicant Guidebook in June 2011, enabling companies to apply for gTLDs before the end of the year.