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Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

Marketing Manager - Afilias Australia

Drive the Afilias Australia Pty Ltd business by defining and executing marketing, social media, channel and communications strategies for .au. Support Afilias business in the rest of Asia with programs as needed.

Essential Accountabilities:
Develop, recommend and implement marketing programs that support .au sales, including for its subzones as priorities dictate

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • -Recommend and implement discount/rebate programs to support sales
  • -Review and manage channel co-op marketing programs
  • -Create and disseminate core marketing materials for .au including: fact books; logos; sample email, landing page and newsletter copy; and other materials that registrars need to properly position .au.
  • -Coordinate with corporate marketing and auDA on establishing a clear and compelling positioning for .au.
  • -Manage local events as needed to support sales of .au
  • -Manage/implement all social media support for .au, including selecting specific vehicles (e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram, etc)
  • -Recommend and execute to social media budget levels based on business goals and vehicle availability/cost/effectiveness
  • -Integrate social media responses into sales processes to generate sales
  • -Continuous analysis and improvement; tracking and reporting
  • -Manage content of the .au web site and other content to ensure a fresh and engaging presence.
  • -Conduct ongoing competitive, market, customer and program analysis to evaluate activities, improve constantly, and capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • -Coordinate with other members of the marketing and management teams and auDA
  • -Provide marketing support for Afilias’ China and India markets in coordination with corporate marketing and local management
  • -Manage/deliver other goals as required by the Management to achieve goals.

Marketing spans all aspects of our business related to sales, requiring knowledge of all our major activities. The Manager will be expected to manage budgets exceeding $100K.

Knowledge and Experience:
Education: BA or equivalent required, preferably in communications, marketing, advertising or related field.
Experience: at least 5 years experience in marketing and solid understanding of the social media universe, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, etc.. Experience in the domain or related businesses will be helpful. Must be current with online marketing best practices. Experience in markets outside AUS, ideally China and India
Skills: Must possess the 10 “Afilias What Counts” factors (see below), with special focus on communication skills, initiative and ability to work with people.


What Counts Factors

Getting Things Done

Pragmatic                          Practical; acts like an owner, not an employee

Productive                         Produces a high quantity of work that adds value

Creative                             Finds solutions, no matter what

Analytical                           Acts based on demonstratable facts; objective

Initiative                             Ownership with a clear bias toward action; urgency

Thorough                           Leaves no (important) stone unturned

Multiplying Yourself

Communication                 Writes, speaks and acts with clarity and purpose

Works well with people      Positive, helpful, team player

Persuasive                         Convincing and believable


Strategic                             Plans and acts with value creation in mind; thinks, learns, leads

Integrity                              Never varies even a hair's breadth from the truth