About Us

Afilias' specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services, Managed DNS and award-winning mobile Web services.

About Afilias

Afilias is pleased to announce our acquisition by Donuts Inc., an industry leader and operator of the world’s largest portfolio of domains.

Afilias is the world’s second largest Internet domain name registry, with more than 20 million names under management. Afilias powers a wide variety of top-level domains, and will soon support hundreds of new TLDs (top level domains) now preparing for launch, including TLDs for cities, brands, communities and generic terms. Afilias’ specialized technology makes Internet addresses more accessible and useful through a wide range of applications, including Internet domain registry services and Managed DNS. Afilias is a proud part of Donuts, Inc., a leading domain name services company.

Afilias Domains

Afilias is the ICANN Designated Registry Operator for a wide range of gTLDs, including the following:


Each TLD is targeted to a specific audience and is designed to fill a niche in the market.  Registration in these domains is available at a wide range of registrars.  To learn more about a particular TLD, click on the logos above to visit the site for that TLD).

Afilias Registry Services

Afilias is a global leader in advanced registry services that power successful domains. Afilias began operations in July 2001 with the launch of .INFO -- the most successful new TLD ever launched.  Today, Afilias supports a wide range of TLDs under contract to various Registry Operators, including:

Established gTLDs


Afilias supports nearly 12M names for established gTLD operators, and has a long track record of enabling these operators to meet their ICANN technical requirements.  We proudly support this wide range of gTLDs, some of which have specialized eligibility requirements.

Established ccTLDs

.AG (Antigua and Barbuda), .BZ (Belize), .GI (Gibraltar), .LC (St. Lucia), .ME (Montenegro), .MN (Mongolia), .SC (the Seychelles), and .VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines), .PR (Puerto Rico), .AU (Australia), .BM (Bermuda).

Afilias supports nearly 7M names under contract to the domain authorities for 12 ccTLDs.  Each has its own policies and other features, and Afilias provides the same stable, secure, and efficient service to these TLDs as it does for larger gTLDs.  For ccTLDs looking for an efficient world class platform from which to grow, Afilias is the #1 choice.

New gTLDs

.VEGAS, .ONL, .RICH, .dotCHINESEOnline, .dotCHINESEWebsite, .LTDA

Afilias is the number one choice for new gTLD Registry Operators because it has more experience than anyone else in supporting the applications and launches of TLDs on behalf of others.  Further, Afilias provides not only turnkey technical services, it also offers value-added services designed to make it easier and less costly for new operators to navigate the ICANN ecosystem and get their new TLD to market.   Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities as well as dotGenerics.  For more information about our new TLD services, visit our New TLD Services page.

Afilias Managed DNS Services

Afilias' DNS system provides for the resolution for billions of queries for over 20M domain names today on a globally diverse and secure platform.  Our system ensures security through diversity.  Afilias' technology ensures 100% up-time and is among the most reliable and stable services available for domain names. Afilias' systems operate on a global, multi-layered, diverse infrastructure which provides security against even the most malicious attacks. With the launch of Afilias' Managed DNS Services, our world-class network is now available to the public to ensure the resiliency and security of your Web presence. Afilias also provides primary and secondary DNS resolution servicesfor gTLD and ccTLD registries.