New TLDs

Afilias supports all types of new TLDs, including dotBrands, dotCities, dotCommunities and dotGenerics with turnkey technical and value-added services.

Managed Registry Services

The Internet has changed business significantly over the past 20 years. And now, with the introduction of custom “dot Brand” top-level domains, businesses are about to have another change: you have the chance to reinforce your brand in new, unique ways. However, running a top-level domain isn’t like buying a “.com” or “.net” name; you’re now operating a “.net” equivalent. That can mean a new business department and new distractions to keep you from focusing on your core business.

But not anymore.

Afilias, the operator of the .INFO, .MOBI and .PRO top level domains (TLD) and a leading provider of registry technical services, now offers a full suite of Managed Registry Services.

As a new TLD operator, you’ll find it helpful to have an expert in your corner -- one that has successfully navigated the difficult and complex world of registry management. Now, you have access to a complete TLD management solution designed to free brands and companies like yours from day-to-day domain administration and policy issues. Managed Registry Services lets Afilias be your domain department.

Registry Management Services

Afilias provides Registry Management Services for two key periods in the development of a customer’s TLD:

Pre-Delegation: During ICANN evaluation, Afilias offers consulting services that include Bid Analysis and Advice, Trademark Clearinghouse, Evaluation Support plus Policy and Business Advice to help prepare for the launch phase. 

Post Delegation: Once ICANN has approved and delegated your TLD, Afilias will help run the launch and ongoing management of your domain with the following services:

  • Registry Compliance and Support Services, which include ICANN Compliance, Uniform Rapid Suspension System Procedure Compliance, Registry Code of Conduct Compliance, Abuse Monitoring, 24x7x365 Customer Service Support, Registrar Accreditation and Operational Test & Evaluationplus Registry Analytics and Reporting.
  • ICANN Policy Services, which include ICANN Liaison and Point of Contact services, ICANN Policy Issue Advice, IP Rights Protection, Escrow Coordination and Domain Abuse Mitigation.
  • Marketing and Channel Support Services, which will help establish the TLD with the registrar channel required by ICANN.

Why Afilias?

Experience: Afilias has extensive experience successfully applying to ICANN, launching, and managing new TLDs. In ICANN’s first-ever new TLD process in 2000, Afilias was awarded .INFO, which remains the most successful new TLD ever introduced, with millions of registrations. In ICANN’s Sponsored gTLD round of 2004, Afilias helped apply for .MOBI, which was awarded, and now has more than one million registrations. Afilias also supported the .ASIA and .XXX applications, both of which were also awarded and successfully launched.

Launching and Building TLDs: Afilias provided registry services for the successful launch of the new country code TLD, .ME (Montenegro), which now has more than 700,000 registrations, and the re-launch of .IN (India’s ccTLD) which grew 200-fold and now has more than one million registrations.

Full TLD Management:  In addition to world-class registry technical support, Afilias is also a successful TLD steward, supporting all aspects of TLD management. As the ICANN-designated Registry Operator for .INFO, .MOBI and .PRO, Afilias manages the policy, administration, financial, marketing, sales and all other functions for these gTLDs as well as all of the technical elements. Our management expertise has enabled us to grow .INFO into the most successful new TLD ever launched, re-ignite .MOBI growth and leverage its unique mobilization technology and position .PRO for future growth.

If you’re ready to discuss how Managed Registry Services can simplify your business, contact the Afilias New TLD Team today.